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Email us your question or comment and the appropriate board member will get back to you.  We prefer you give us a phone number. You can also call one of the board members below.  You will find their phone numbers in the resident directory.

Board Members:

        Judy Rosenthal  
    Vice President        
        Terry Cargill  
        Maureen Harding  
        Sandy Mucci  
    Board Members      
        Marsha Cain  
        Marilyn Herbert
        Beth Minahan


        Marsha Cain                                                                                 
        Beverly Pettit
    Directory/Contact Info        
        Joan Jones 
        Lisa Nolen
    New Resident Orientation  
        Kathy Hartmann, 
        Carolina Grandestaff 
    Real Estate                        
        Judy Rosenthal
    Street  Lighting                   
        Craig Sjodin
        Beth Minahan
    Pool, Spa & Grounds 
         Peter Minahan
         Bill Mucci
    Ramada Operations
        Marilyn Herbert
                Ann Lane 
                Sue Carey
            Reservations, Supplies
                Gayle Sjodin
    Social Activities
        Terry Cargill
                Carolina Grandestaff
            Cocktail Parties 
                Terry Cargill
             Special Events
                Marsha Cain



     We welcome volunteers! It is through the efforts of many volunteer members that we are able to keep our costs down.  If you have         some time to spare and want to help out, please contact any any Board member or email us:

    Spa Cover 

     Please be sure to  remove the entire spa cover when using the spa.  It is illegal to just open the spa part way.  

    Historic District information

     When considering a project improvement for the exterior of your home, please contact the city of Scottsdale Planning and design           services at 480-312-7806.  There is a great deal of information and possible financial support from the city when improving your 
     home's exterior (not yard) since it is designated a historic home.  

    Check Carports

    We have rules that cover the use of carports, please click and read the information below from our CC&R's and association
    rules and regulations.   

    Neighborhood Pets and Pests

    It is not advisable to feed the feral cats that sometimes gather in our neighborhood. It merely encourages them to stay. If you find that
    cats hang out in your patio area,  they can be trapped and neutered.  

    Also be mindful when walking dogs that they do not use the bushes in neighborhood  yards to "toilet." Please pick up your pet's
    waste.  Please keep a tight rein on the leash as you past your neighbors' property.

​    Noise Ordinance Update

    In order to help the City do their job, you can call the general police number (312-5000) any time you hear music in your home or
    yard and you think it is too loud. You can call and file a complaint giving your name and address and a phone number if you want
    a police officer to call you back and let you know where the music is coming from and if anything can be done about it. Only by         
    calling and registering a complaint can the offending establishments be made to adhere to our Noise Ordinance.
    The Police are  currently patrolling the Entertainment District to make sure the bars and restaurants are in compliance​. However if          you feel that the noise is a problem you can take an action by registering your concerns. This is one way the City Council will learn 
    of residents concerns about the music coming from the bars in the entertainment district.

    Hazardous Waste Pick up 

    See attached information from the city.  If you register online with the city you can put out hazardous waste to be picked up Monday        with the trash pick up.  Click on the ink here to get details.

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Misplaced your pool key?
Email the Board for replacement key.  
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CC and R's Regarding Carports
Hazardous Waste Pickup By Scottsdale