Monterey Park Association (Villa Monterey Unit 5) is the homeowners' association that manages the common grounds and establishes the residential guidelines for the ninety-nine homes located in Villa Monterey 5/5A.  The community, established in 1962, is located in downtown Scottsdale.  Management of the common property and association business is conducted by a seven-member Board of Directors elected by the shareholders.  Each Board member serves a two-year term, and to insure Board continuity, four members are elected one year and three the next.  

Each residence is considered a shareholder in the Association, and the owner is given a "shareholder certificate" when the home is purchased.  The certificate is transferred from the prior owners to the new owners so the community maintains one share for each of the ninety-nine homes.  In March of each year the annual meeting is held to elect Board members, receive committee reports and conduct any required business.  The homeowners association (called Monterey Park Association) is responsible for the maintenance of the common property which includes a pool, ramada and the two walkways that access the common area.  

Residents in Villa Monterey Units 5/5A are owners of the home and property underneath their unit.  Each lot is owned by the homeowner and they are solely responsible for the home and property maintenance. If occupied, an owner must reside on the property, and at least one of the residents  must be fifty-five years or older.  No one under the age of eighteen can reside in the units, and no one is allowed to lease, rent or loan the property.  These policies and more complete information are available in the Declaration of Restrictions which are  commonly called CC&R'S.  (See the Buyers' Information link at the menu.)

The community prides itself in keeping the common grounds well maintained. We enjoy the use of a heated pool and spa as well as a large clubhouse,  which is affectionately called "The Ramada."  The Ramada is the center of our business meetings and social activities including monthly coffees and cocktail parties.  Residents may use the facility for private gatherings if reservations are made with the Ramada Committee. (See Calendar of Events link at the menu.)  In the Ramada we also maintain a small library filled with books donated by residents.  

Each home's front yard has a lamp post to form our communal "street lights."  For uniformity all lamposts are painted black and maintain the same design.  These lights work on a sensor system that starts at dusk.  The homeowners' association provides the sensors and light bulbs.    If a homeowner is in need of either, they can contact a Board member or use the email as provided in the website.  The actual maintenance of the wiring replacement parts and the painting of the lamp post is the responsibility of the homeowner.

There are some rules that govern the homeowner property and the use of the common area.  Please refer to the Rules section under Buyer's information to understand the requirements.

Please feel free to contact any one of the Board Members by emailing your question to the email below.

The Board of Directors of Monterey Park Association

Address  7816 East Highland, Scottsdale, Arizona  85251

Email Address:  montereyparkassociation@yahoo.com

Board Members

​Marsha Cain
Terry Cargill
Maureen Harding
Marilyn Herbert
Beth Minahan
Sandy Mucci
Judy Rosenthal

Welcome! Monterey Park Shareholders
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